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Veljan Group Products

Air Preparation Units (FRL's) & Pneumatic Valves

The Pneumatic Product Division manufactures (1) Air Preparation Units (FRL’s) (2) Linear Acting Cylinders (3) Rotary Actuators (4) 2/3/4 Way Directional Control Valves with sub-base or Inline mounting in Spool (with or without seals), Poppet, Diaphragm & D-Slide designs (5) Flow Control Valves (6) Non Return Valves (7) Shuttle Valves (8) Quick Exhaust Valves (9) Speed Control Mufflers (10) Linear Air Motors (11) Complete Control Systems.

Air Preparation Units   Inline Valves (IVL)   Direct Solenoid Valves   Power Valves

ISO Valves   Linear Slide Valves   Sub Base Valves   Auxilary Valves

Rotary Air Valves   Airlimit Switches   Diaphragm Valves    

Pneumatic Air Cylinders
ISO Cylinders   Compact Cylinders   Heavy Duty Cylinders   Small Bore Cylinders


Blow Gun   One Touch Fittings      

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