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Blow Gun

Veljan Blow guns are of regulated type with automatic regulation of air in the nozzle chamber to a maximum of 2.07 bar (30 PSIG) at a supply pressure of 6.21bar(90PSIG) and a maximum flow of 0.17cubic meters of free air per minute (6SCFM) assured by an in built regulator in the Blow gun. Regulated Blow gun is preferred to avoid human hazards like chips blowing out and hitting the operator and aeration of blood through skin by air jets etc. Wide variations in the air flow are produced by a spring loaded trigger. Streamlined light weight high strength aluminum alloy die cast housing facilitates easy and convenient holding designed from the comfort point of view of the operator. The Blow gun profile is designed to have access to virtually all points and is provided with additional straight extension nozzles for difficult to reach points.

For higher flow requirements unregulated blow gun is recommended which gives up to 0.51 cubic meters of free air per minute (18SCFM) flow with no regulation of outlet pressure.

Both type of blow guns are designed for maximum inlet pressure up to 8.625 bar (125PSIG)

APPLICATIONS: Blow guns are used for cleaning or drying work in process. blowing scrap,dirt,oil from dies or to blow dust or chips from work tables faster and easier. Also, these are used in automobile service equipment for cleaning dust and spraying etc.. from hard-to -reach, normally inaccessible points.

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