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Pneumatic Valves

Auxiliary Air Valves

Flow Control Valves:

Veljan flow control valves are designed for precise control of air flow in one direction and free flow in reverse direction.

The flow varies lineraly with respect to knob rotation, thereby giving precise flow control. The free flow in reverse direction is achieved by a built in non return valve which opens at very low pressures. All models have possibility of panel mounting. Large valves have ample knob size for easy adjustment.

These flow control valves can also be used in low pressure hydraulic applications.

Speed Control Mufflers:

Provides variable speed control in one or both directions of Cylinder stroke by merely installing them in valves exhaust ports and also reduce objectionable air noise. Simple screw type adjusting on each muffler.

Non Return Valves :

Provides flow of air in one direction only and an invaluable protection in a Circuit in the event of supply failure. Made from light weight extruded aluminum , suitable for in-line mounting.

Quick Exhaust Valves :

Facilitate rapid retraction of piston by providing immediate outlet to atmosphere of the air exhausted from the cylinder.

Shuttle Valves :

This 3-Port valve can be used for applying two separate pilot signals to a single pilot chamber from two different sources. In normal operation, signal line would be exhausted before the opposing line is pressurised. Made from light weight extruded aluminum for in- line mounting.

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