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Veljan Hydrair Limited’s competence with pneumatics products spans over 50 years and is old as the company itself. Veljan Pneumatics Private Limited (‘VPPL’) has been set up to bring a new focus and vigour to the Veljan group’s effort in pneumatics. VPPL’s thrust is to both reinvent and expand the existing Veljan line of pneumatics products.

VPPL is built on two values:

• All-Round Product Excellence: VPPL was formed with the object of building a portfolio of highly engineered pneumatics technology components, systems and solutions to meet diverse and growing needs of the marketplace. We are deeply committed to ensuring the durability and efficiency of our offerings, through a focus on superior product design. VPPL hopes to grow to look to the future in addition to responding to the needs of the market at present – product development and innovation will also be a key focus.

• Customer Centric Operations: A cornerstone of the VPPL experience is a focus on customer satisfaction. VPPL’s customer experience ensures that we work to provide tailored solutions, ensure direct and responsive communications and contribute to the greatest extent possible to our customers’ endeavours to create value. Over time, we expect to emerge as trustworthy, reliable, long-term partners in business to our customers.

VPPL will connect the best of two worlds - it will bring a long tradition of expertise and excellence in engineering manufacturing together with agility and responsiveness.

Our menu of products find application in the Foundry, Cement, Paper, Thermal Power, the Process Industry, Polymers and Plastics, Textile and Machine Tools, Printing and Packaging, Defence, Automation and allied sectors of industry.